City Data Conference: Fixing the Foundations to Drive Radical Thinking

Edgbaston Park Hotel and Conference Centre
Tuesday 4 June 2019 (09:30-15:30)

The City Data Conference: Fixing the foundations to drive radical thinking is bought to you by Nesta's Government Innovation team, in partnership with the West Midlands Combined Authority and the University of Birmingham. This event is dedicated to bringing solutions to life for some of the biggest data and technology-driven challenges facing local government and public sector.

We believe that the power of data analytics is measured on the insights it produces, which in turn are better formed through cross-sectoral and multi-organisational approaches. For this reason, our target audience is broad, and includes public sector innovators within government (national, regional and local authorities) and outside the government (academia, think tanks, research centres, media). We hope our content will be relevant to all: managers, senior leadership, analysts and frontline staff, nobody excluded - and that the event will be a good occasion to make connections and stimulate new conversations across all these different actors.