Climate Change events

Find out about the climate change related events taking place at the University of Birmingham. 

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SFIC Annual Conference 2024

Friday 29 November (00:00) - Sunday 1 December 2024 (00:00)
Dubai Campus
Call for papers



Catch up on highlights from our previous climate change events.

Solutions to sustainability challenges workshop in Dubai - January 2023

Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education in the Middle East
HydroFLEX at COP26

picture-book_3002 November 2023

How can Literary Studies contribute to a Just Transition?"

This online symposium brings together early career scholars and research students from around the world to present case studies showing how research and education in literature can contribute to a just transition to a sustainable future. 

lithium-ion-battery-detail-30011-13 September 2023

Faraday Institution Conference

Hosted by the University of Birmingham, the theme of this year's conference was “Driving towards sustainable electrification for the UK”.  The programme was curated to disseminate battery research and raise the visibility of scientific excellence in energy storage. 

Rare-earth-periodic table_3003-7 September 2023

REPM 2023 (Rare Earth and future Permanent Magnets)

This conference, organised by the University of Birmingham's Magnetic Materials Group, brought together 300 world-leading experts to explore topics such as raw materials, resources, processing, and properties of rare-earth and future permanent magnets.


15 June 2023

Air, Earth, Fire, Water
Edgbaston Campus

Professor Paul Anderson demonstrated how efficient husbandry of the earth's elemental resources is key to an effective net-zero transition.

wind turbine_300

15 June 2023

Energy Day Event
Dubai Campus

Energy experts from the University of Birmingham led pre-COP28 workshops to identify challenges, showcase novel solutions and chart parthways towards decarbonising the energy sector.

aston webb

13 June 2023

Sustainability Open Forum
Edgbaston Campus

University of Birmingham staff and students took part in a pre-COP28 event to find out how the University is becoming more sustainable, including an introduction to Charmaine Morrell, Head of Sustainability. 



1 June 2023

Embedding time travelling trees into your school curriculum
Dubai Campus

Dubai school teachers took part in a virtual tour of the world's largest climate change experiment: the Birmingham Institute of Forest Research Free Air Carbon Enrichment Facility, engaging in ready-made student activities that can be embedded into the curriculum.


29 May-1 June 2023

Future Forests Workshops
Dubai Campus

Professor Jerry Pritchard led a series of talks and workshops to engage Dubai school students in discussions of climate change and future forests.

transport network_300

17-18 May 2023

Pre COP28 Transport Workshop
Dubai Campus

An opportunity for researchers and stakeholders to discuss, plan and co-ordinate transport communities priorities for COP28.


17 May 2023

Water Workshop
Dubai Campus

Researchers led discussions exploring regional and global challenges on water security and how to enhance resilience to long-term threats.


11 April 2023

Towards a Greener Future
Edgbaston Campus

Dr Colm Nee, CTO of sustainable technology firm Enlightened, gave a talk about how the Internet of Things (IoT) can be used to create a more sustainable world.


14-18 January 2023

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week
Dubai Campus

In a Youth Motivation on Climate Action panel discussion, University experts called on educational institutions to help close the gap between adults in leadership positions and youth as a critical precursor to inclusive climate action.


16-18 January 2023

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week
Dubai Campus

An introduction to the world's largest climate change experiment - Birmingham Institute of Forest Research (BIFoR) Free Air Carbon Enrichment Facility (FACE).


Burning world_300 (1)

19 January 2023

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week
Dubai Campus

A symposium exploring solutions to sustainability challenges through academic research brought together a range of stakeholders to take part in presentations, panel discussions and in-depth brainstorming sandpit activities.