About the Institute


Image of woman teaching in a classroomProfession-based and multi-disciplinary research and teaching is at the heart of what we do.

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The Institute of Clinical Sciences brings together excellent researchers, educators and health professionals from five Schools to deliver 21st century healthcare through innovative education and life-changing research.

First-class teaching is crucial to ensure that our students – the biomedical and healthcare workforce of the future – get the very best out of their time at Birmingham; delivering an outstanding student experience is a top priority.

Our overarching research strategy harnesses the breadth of our academic expertise and facilitates innovation at the intersections of our research themes. For example, translational research within our Schools of Dentistry and Pharmacy has created opportunities for innovative pharmacological and pharmaceutical solutions to address oral and craniofacial disorders.

We deliver innovation and excellence through research undertaken at the interface of healthcare disciplines. Our pharmacists maintain strong collaborations with chemists, clinicians in experimental medicine, public health and chemical engineers. Our nurses work closely with social scientists, healthcare providers and third sector organisations. Our oral/dental researchers collaborate with clinician trialists, materials scientists, engineers and epidemiology/public health researchers to generate new knowledge with academic, societal and economic impact.

It is our ambition to be known for the quality and impact of our research and to provide an exemplary student experience. To do this we will:

  • Produce world-leading, multidisciplinary research that has strong impact to make a measurable difference to the quality and quantity of human life
  • Develop and support the next generation of leaders in health care and medical science by equipping them with the knowledge, skills and attributes to make them agile and effective in a challenging 21st century
  • Work productively with healthcare and industrial partners in both the public and private sectors to develop beneficial partnerships to influence policy and decision making to help shape future healthcare
  • Foster and promote a positive working environment to enable all staff to achieve their potential by supporting personal development and recognising achievement

The five Schools that make up the Institute of Clinical Sciences are: