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These pages allow the hospital sites already participating in the Tessa Jowell BRAIN MATRIX - Platform Study to download the latest and previous versions of most of the documentation distributed for this study.

Study Overview

Key Details

Chief Investigator:

Professor Colin Watts


University of Birmingham


The Brain Tumour Charity

Disease Site:


Study Type:

Observational (Patient Registry)





IRAS Number:

269228 Number:


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CRCTU Trial Management Team:

Early Drug Development Team

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What is the intended pathway for patients from the platform into appropriate drug trials when targetable mutations are found?

The pathway for patients into appropriate drug trials will evolve during the course of the study and depend upon what trials are available within the platform as well as locally and nationally. Currently, the extensive clinical, molecular and radiological assessment provided by the BRAIN MATRIX platform may be used to screen a patient’s eligibility for available drug trials. Patients would then be recruited via existing infrastructures such as Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres’ (ECMC) Trial Finder and The Brain Tumour Charity’s BRIAN app. In the future, we would aim to streamline this process as much as possible by summarising the eligibility criteria across drug trials and highlighting to sites those patients who meet the criteria for particular trials.

What is the benefit of going through the platform when genomic sequencing becomes available for all glioma patients?

The BRAIN MATRIX platform will give you an integrated diagnostic report, that brings together histological, immunohistochemical, methylation and genomic data. From our experience of Genomic Tumour Advisory Boards (GTABs), all of this information is not readily available when genomic sequencing reports are obtained under the NHS; thereby making interpretation of Whole Genome Sequencing data challenging and limited. In other areas, the central radiology review provided by BRAIN MATRIX will also give local centres RANO assessments in timeframes relevant for clinical decision making and the collation of quality of life and clinical data on their patients through the platform will enable centres to understand particular local challenges.

Study Documents

Download Links to the current protocol, patient documents, and all other study related documents Please contact the BRAIN MATRIX Study Office if you cannot find the document you are looking for.