Patient and public involvement

“By public involvement we mean research being carried out ‘with’ or ‘by’ members of the public rather than ‘to’, ‘about’ or ‘for’ them” - NIHR INVOLVE

It is essential that patients, and members of the public, are involved with the design and running of the CATALYST trial. This ensures the best interests of patients are always at the forefront of researchers’ minds, and it provides valuable insights into patients’ experiences that help to shape the research.

Our Trial Management Group and Trial Steering Committee benefit greatly from patient representation with the involvement of Simon and Hannah Farrell.

Mr Simon Farrell

Patient and Public Involvement Representative

“After recently recovering from a serious case of COVID-19, I think it’s really important that patients provide their input and perspective into this research. Also, having a non-clinical person on the team should help to consider some of the broader impacts of any published information.”

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Margaret O’Hara is the lead for Patient and Public Involvement in Research at Birmingham Health Care Partners trust, and has launched a patient-led Facebook group called “COVID-19 Research Involvement Group UK”. This group is for patients and investigators to talk about research on COVID-19.

Please note that this group is not linked to the CATALYST trial. Margaret has set this up in a personal capacity due to experiences with COVID-19. It is a forum to hear from others and share experiences, as well as a great resource for researchers and patients. If you would like more information please contact Margaret.