FaR-RMS is an over-arching study for children and adults with newly diagnosed and relapsed rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS). It is a multi-arm, multi-stage trial, involving several different questions.

Trial overview and summary

FaR-RMS is intended to be a rolling programme of research with new treatment arms being introduced dependant on emerging data and innovation.

This study has multiple aims.

It aims to evaluate the impact of new agent regimens in both newly diagnosed and relapsed RMS; whether changing the duration of maintenance therapy affects outcome; and whether changes to dose, extent (in metastatic disease) and timing of radiotherapy improve outcome and quality of life.

In addition the study will evaluate risk stratification through the use of PAX-FOXO1 fusion gene status instead of histological subtyping and explore the use of FDG PET-CT response assessment as a prognostic biomarker for outcome following induction chemotherapy.

Newly diagnosed patients should, where possible, be entered into the FaR-RMS study at the time of first diagnosis prior to receiving any chemotherapy. However, patients can enter at the point of radiotherapy or maintenance, and those with relapsed disease can enter the study even if not previously entered at initial diagnosis. Patients may be entered into more than one randomisation/registration, dependant on patient risk group and disease status. 

Please note that the trials team cannot give individuals clinical advice. Patients and their families should contact their treating physician to discuss trials for which they may be eligible

More information

Chief Investigator: Dr Meriel Jenney  
Coordinating Sponsor: University of Birmingham   
Funders: Bayer and CRUK (Cancer Research UK)  
Disease Site: Muscle   
Trial Type: Open, randomised, multicentre, international   
Status: Open  
UKCRN Study ID: 42490  
Open to new sites? Yes  
Recruitment start date: September 2019  
Anticipated Recruitment end date: September 2026  
CRCTU Trial Management Team: Children's Cancer Trials Team   

Trial E-mail Address: farrms@trials.bham.ac.uk