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Small cell lung cancer trial of olaparib (AZD2281) as maintenance programme: a randomised, double blind, multicentre phase II trial.

Trial Overview and Summary

Chief Investigator: Professor Penella Woll
Sponsor: Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Funders: Clinical Trials Advisory and Awards Comittee (CTAAC) (A12152) (UK)
Astra Zeneca (CTAAC)
Disease Site: Small Cell Lung Cancer
Trial Type: Clinical Trial of an Investigational Medicial Product 
Status: Closed
UKCRN Study ID: (if applicable) 10873 
ISRCTN Referance Number: ISRCTN73164486
Open to new sites? No
Recruitment start date: 19th September 2013
Recruitment end date 11th December 2015
CRCTU Trial Management Team: Late Phase Trial Management Team - A
Trial E-mail Address:

Trial Summary

Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) accounts for about 3,500 new cases a year in the UK. Although about 80% of cases do initially respond to treatment using chemotherapy, the majority of patients later relapse and die within 2 years of diagnosis. The standard first line chemotherapy treatment, with 2 drugs (a platinum drug and another drug called etoposide) has been unchanged for 20 years. So new treatments are urgently needed. The purpose of the STOMP trial is to find out how effective a new drug, called Olaparib, is, compared to a placebo treatment when given in addition to the standard treatment for patients with small cell lung cancer.

Recent evidence suggests that some cancer cells can be susceptible to a new type of drug that can slow or stop the resistance to the standard chemotherapy. Olaparib is one of these new drugs and this trial will look at the effects on patients when they have Olaparib after they have already had the standard chemotherapy. Because this is a new treatment the side effects of the drug will be looked at closely, as well as any effect the drug may have in delaying or stopping relapse.

Please note that the trials team cannot give individual’s clinical advice. Patients and their families should contact their treating physician to discuss trials for which they may be eligible.

Trial Protocol

Clinical trial protocols are complex technical documents which should only be used for the treatment of subjects taking part in the trial. Patients who are interested in taking part in the trial are advised to talk to their health care professional or refer to the CancerHelp website.

Investigators please ensure you have R&D approval for this specific version of the protocol before using as a reference. 

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