Trial overview and summary

VERITAS: An international multicenter phase II randomised trial evaluating and comparing two intensification treatment strategies for metastatic neuroblastoma patients with a poor response to induction chemotherapy

High-risk neuroblastoma remains one of the major challenges in paediatric oncology. For patients with primary refractory or poorly responding disease, there are no current guidelines for treatment and the outcome is often poor. This is particularly so for patients who respond poorly to initial chemotherapy. Current available treatments are all sequential treatments with various drugs and there have been no randomised comparisons to date.

In VERITAS, we are looking at 2 different treatments (consolidation therapies) which follow a standard induction and comparing them in a randomised trial for effectiveness on the disease and the side effects they cause. 

Chief Investigator

Dr Dominique Valteau Couanet

Gustave Roussy (Villejuif, France)

UK Lead Investigator

Dr Guy Makin

Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital 


More information

  • Protocol v2.0 vd08 Aug 2018 [1.48 Kb] [.pdf]

  • Trial Synopsis v2.0 vd08 Aug 2018 [309 Kb] [.pdf]

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