From the Horses's Mouth?

School of Education
Thursday 23 October 2014 (10:30-16:30)

Dr Gill Cressey at

Critiquing and Countering the Dominant Discourse and Narratives

This seminar sought to examine the reports by Clarke, Kershaw and Ofsted and the dominant narratives surrounding and emerging from the ‘Trojan Horse’ affair. Participation included academics, researchers and practitioners in relation to the following broad areas: 

  • assumptions and ideologies in the reports and the media coverage
  • addressing discrimination and inequalities in the education system
  • the role of gender in ‘Trojan Horse’
  • governance, inspection and accountability
  • religion, secularism and education in the UK
  • the role of PREVENT in ‘Trojan Horse’ and schools generally
  • spiritual, moral, social and cultural education
  • the relationships between identity, pedagogy, attainment and achievement
  • the impact of the Trojan Horse affair on schools and communities.


The seminar arises from issues raised by letters published inThe Guardian in the spring and summer 2014 (4/6/14 and 28/7/14) and was hosted by CRRE, which is dedicated to the pursuit race equality and social justice in education.