Community, citizenship and cohesion: schools and the promotion of fundamental British values

Institute of Education London, UCL
Thursday 29 November 2018 (17:30-19:00)

What are 'fundamental British values'? A love of tea drinking? Queuing? Supporting the Queen or the NHS?

The government defines 'fundamental British values' (FBV) as democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths.

Since 2014, teachers in English schools must promote these British values and their promotion is inspected by national inspectors, Ofsted. However, there has been little empirical research to date on how teachers have reacted to this requirement.

What plans have been put in place in schools, what lessons are taught? And how do teachers feel about suddenly being in the forefront of disseminating a set of national values? More broadly, what issues does the FBV policy raise about citizenship and who belongs and who does not in the liberal polity?

The speakers draw on recent research to answer these questions. In particular, they:

  • Explore the context for the enactment of the FBV policy;
  • Examine how teachers and schools have understood and responded to the requirement to promote FBV, and identify the pedagogies and practices now in place in schools around the promotion of FBV;
  • Highlight similar developments in France in promoting a set of national values through schools.


  • Professor Carol Vincent, Professor of Sociology of Education at UCL Institute of Education
  • Dr Reza Gholami, Senior Lecturer in Sociology of Education at the University of Birmingham
  • Jonathan James, PhD student at UCL Institute of Education
  • Andreas Pantelides, London secondary school teacher


This event is free and open to all, however, registration is required. Please email Joanna Gzik (

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