The Future of Inclusive Education: Intersectional Perspectives (Book Launch)

Wednesday 6 March 2024 (14:00-16:00)

With speakers and authors Dr Brent C. Elder,  Associate Professor, College of Education, Rowan University and Dr Valentina Migliarini, Assistant Professor in Education Studies, University of Birmingham

This book addresses the tensions of existing theories and practices of inclusive education from an international perspective. Adopting Disability Critical Race Theory in Education (DisCrit) and Critical Disability Studies (CDS), the authors expose how race neutral knowledge characterizes inclusive education and exhorts readers to consider how intersectional perspectives provide more complex and nuanced understandings about ways in which racism and ableism simultaneously circulate as intersecting oppressions in schools and societies and across geographical borders.

The authors begin by engaging in a critical analysis of the genesis of inclusive education before exploring how existing policies and practices of inclusive education in the global North evade the collusive nature of oppressions faced by minoritized students with disabilities and are uncritically transferred into the global South. Ultimately, the book encourages readers to reconceptualize inclusive education and move towards developing and sustaining transformative notions of global justice. 


Valentina Migliarini is Assistant Professor in Education Studies in the Department of Education and Social Justice in the School of Education at the University of Birmingham, UK. Her work addresses educational inequities for students living at the intersections of race, dis/ability, language, citizenship and migratory status, in Europe and the United States.

Brent C. Elder is Associate Professor of Inclusive Education in the Department of Wellness and Inclusive Services in Education (WISE) in the College of Education at Rowan University, USA. His work focuses on the development of sustainable inclusive education practices in under-resourced schools in the United States and around the world.

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