Preparing for a UK Energy Transition - Andrew Haslett, Energy Technologies Institute 

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Andrew Haslett, Chief Engineer, Energy Technologies Institute

ImagePreparing for a UK energy transition 

Over the period of 2015 to 2050, the UK has an ambition to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. The production and use of energy accounts for the largest part of these emissions and will need to be reduced by a higher proportion than average. At some point the economic, political and legal penalties against high carbon economies will become substantial; therefore, we need to prepare for an effective transition.  A low carbon future can be compatible with economic growth and a healthy society, provided we act wisely.

Given that we have only imperfect knowledge about the future and that delivering the transition will inevitably have challenges that are only partly overcome, what should we do now? 

The seminar will discuss how we might target our limited resources and how to ensure that we have enough options to succeed when some of them fail.


Andrew joined the ETI as Strategy Director in 2008 and has been the Chief Engineer for two years.  His background includes the development and operation of large chemical process plant, innovation in effect products, technology strategy development and systems analysis.

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