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Welcome to the latest edition of the dedicated Birmingham Energy Institute bi-monthly newsletter.

In this edition, I am pleased to highlight, among a number of updates, the successful report launch of Birmingham’s Policy Commission Doing Cold Smarter. The commission reported on its findings at a Westminster event on 28 October 2015. The Institute has also collaborated with the University of Science & Technology Beijing to launch a new joint Centre for Energy & Environment Research and Education (CEERE) to drive new technologies and train the next generation of engineers.

The second part of this newsletter highlights upcoming events in the Institute.

Please visit our blog, for latest thought-provoking comment from academics and industry experts on the energy agenda as well as the latest research news from the Institute. If you would like to contribute, please get in touch via

As ever, I look forward to receiving your thoughts, comments and opinions, but, most of all, your involvement.

Martin Freer, Director of the Birmingham Energy Institute


 Policy CommissionFood, medicine, energy and IT security  will be "impossible to provide" in many parts of the world by 2060

Experts from the University of Birmingham are calling on the government to establish a lead department with responsibility for clean cold.

 A Birmingham Policy Commission report [published in October 2015] warns that lack of adequate cold storage already causes two million preventable deaths each year and results in the loss of 200 million tonnes of food in developing markets.


Lord Hutton Lecture 3‘Nuclear is the only proven low-carbon option for providing electricity the UK needs’ states Lord Hutton

Lord John Hutton, Chairman of the Nuclear Industry Association discussed how Government and industry plan to deliver a stable market for nuclear energy infrastructure projects at the University of Birmingham on 9 November 2015.

He informed students and guests at the prestigious energy lecture series that without power, businesses cannot succeed and grow, and the public cannot go about their everyday lives. Energy isn’t just about keeping the lights on; it impacts our economy, society and ultimately security.’


BING imageUK & China launch Centre to advance energy research and education 

The University of Birmingham and University of Science & Technology Beijing (USTB) have launched a new joint Centre for Energy & Environment Research and Education (CEERE) to drive new technologies and train the next generation of engineers.

The Centre, which was launched in Beijing in October 2015, is a collaboration between the Birmingham Energy Institute, University of Birmingham and the School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Science & Technology Beijing.


Prof Zhang and Professor David EastwoodBirmingham strengthen partnerships at 2015 UK-China-US Smart Grid Workshop

The University of Birmingham hosted the 2015 UK-China-US Smart Grid Workshop in September 2015, organised by the China Institute, to strengthen partnerships between academia and industry for collaborative opportunities in smart grid innovations.


George WaddintonEnergy Research Accelerator appoints Inaugural CEO 

The Energy Research Accelerator (ERA) has announced the appointment of Gordon Waddington as its Chief Executive Officer.

The appointment follows the announcement by the Chancellor of the Exchequer of an initial £60 million funding for the Midlands based energy research and development hub, as a founding project of the Midlands Engine for Growth Programme.


Hitachi TeamNuclear engineering students visit Hitachi-GE Ltd in Japan for summer internship

Students George Alford, studying an MSc Physics and Technology of Nuclear Reactors and Thomas Davis, studying an MEng Nuclear Engineering at the University of Birmingham, joined Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy Ltd (HGNE), Hitachi City, Japan, for a 3-month summer internship.

The internship was an opportunity for both students to experience working with Japanese company HGNE, who are designing the new nuclear Advanced Boiling Water Reactors (ABWR) to be built in the UK.


Vivien and teamNuclear engineering students visit Xiamen for clean energy summer school  

MEng Nuclear Engineering students from the University of Birmingham, Vivien Parker, Alex Cordiner, Alex Potts and Eryk Ryzko participated in a 3 week clean energy science & technology summer school, focusing on nuclear energy, at Xiamen University, China.

The School of Metallurgy and Materials, University of Birmingham, and EDF energy sponsored the student summer school in collaboration with the Universities of Birmingham, Leeds and Michigan.



Thermal AnimationWatch: Thermal Energy at Birmingham Energy Institute Animation 

The provision of cold, or cooling, is integral to modern society; without it, the supply of food, medicine and data would simply break down.  Watch how the Birmingham Energy Institute is taking a systematic approach to transform cold energy, storage and production for our future.

New Midland EnergyNew Midlands energy initiative is a 'once in a generation' opportunity

Professor Martin Freer, Director of the Birmingham Energy Institute, discusses why the new Midlands energy initiativeis a once in a generation opportunity, with national and international benefits. 

“With the future of energy generation and consumption come the extremes of challenge and opportunity. The decarbonisation of electricity, heat and transport by 2050, as required by the Climate Change Act, mandates that the UK generates and exploits energy in ways that are completely different to those we have become accustomed to.”

Moonshot or EarthboundMoonshot or earthbound - what approach for reducing emissions from energy?

Dr Jonathan Radcliffe, Senior Research Fellow, University of Birmingham discusses new approaches to reducing emissions from energy.

“Deploying new technologies like small-scale generation, storage and smart grids could shift the balance away from suppliers, but in many regions, the regulatory regimes are not in place to allow this.”



ETI logoPreparing for a UK energy transition – Andrew Haslett, Energy Technologies Institute

Wednesday 20 January 2016, 4pm – 6pm
Gisbert Kapp Building
University of Birmingham

Preparing for a UK energy transition

Andrew Haslett, Chief Engineer, ETI, will discuss how we might target our limited resources and how to ensure that we have enough options to succeed when some of them fail.

To attend, please register online


image002Birmingham Energy Institute welcomes Nick Winser

Thursday 11 February 2015, 6pm
Lecture Theatre [G15], Muirhead Tower
University of Birmingham

The Birmingham Energy Institute is delighted to welcome Nick Winser,  CBE, Chairman of New Energy Systems Catapult

Full event details to be confirmed

To attend, please register online