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The Active Buildings Centre (ABC) project

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 The ABC project  –, a £35 million project led by Swansea University, is focused on integrating renewable energy technologies for heat, power and transport. Active Buildings are designed to be energy efficient, with novel ways of controlling and releasing energy. These buildings have the potential to be energy self-sufficient and, when connected with other Active Buildings in a network, could have the ability to trade energy.

Regional Energy Systems Operator (RESO project)Coventry Energy Innovation

The RESO project is one of ten projects receiving a collective total of £21 million in grant funding to develop radical new approaches to how the energy systems of our towns, cities and regions are configured. View the UKRI announcement to find out more. The project is focussed on the local authority area of Coventry. Birmingham Energy Informatics group is providing analysis of multi-vector data sets for other project partners including a local Sankey diagram and methodology.

Find out more about the RESO project. 

Past projects

UKERC FlexiNET project

Led by Loughborough University, the UKERC FlexiNET investigated the flexibility of GB energy systems. Outputs include:

UKERC - Flexibility in Great Britain’s gas networks: analysis of linepack