About us 

The Energy Systems and Policy Analysis Group (ESPAG) is part of the Birmingham Centre for Energy Storage and is also closely affiliated with the Institute for Global Innovation (IGI) at the University of Birmingham. It is thus uniquely positioned to adopt an interdisciplinary, whole systems approach to socio-technical transformation towards net-zero, with a particular focus on local impacts and action.

ESPAG’s research is focused on three key areas:

  1. Techno-economic analysis of the value and benefits of energy technologies, including carbon accounting and integration across levels from national to local to individual consumers;
  2. Effectiveness of energy system transformation mechanisms, including the role of policy and regulatory instruments and analysis of innovation systems;
  3. Preparedness for and response to shock at the level of cities, covering both acute and chronic shocks, their impact on individuals, and the role of communities.

 ESPAG has been involved in over 20 projects since 2014, funded by EPSRC, Innovate-UK, Horizon 2020 and industry, with a total value of £70m. Direct external funding for the Group is over £3m.