Thermal Energy Storage - ERA

Thermal energy, both hot and cold, is one of the major energy challenges. Heating and cooling in our buildings and infrastructure accounts for more than half of our total energy consumption and is set to grow dramatically over the next 15 years. Energy consumption for cooling is projected to exceed heating within 40 years, yet 84% of heating and cooling is still generated by the burning of fossil fuels.

The provision of cold, or cooling, is integral to modern society; without it, the supply of food, medicine and data would simply break down. Yet cooling currently consumes large amounts of energy and causes a great deal of pollution.

Thermal Energy at Birmingham Energy Institute

In order to meet our climate and energy goals we must sharply reduce the energy we consume for thermal loads and specifically move away from the use of fossil fuels. The key now is to engage UK industry as customers and collaborators to drive innovation in the global supply chain.

Our research into Thermal Energy Storage aims to provide a balance between energy demand and supply and utilise the waste heat generated through various applications; including energy produced from energy generation or industrial processes.