EPS Research Excellence Framework 2021

All subjects in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences have improved their quartile ranking. Computer Science, Physics and Engineering are now firmly placed in the top ten in the UK for research.

Highlights include:

Chemical Engineering - top 10 in the UK for Engineering research GPA and 4* research

Domestic cleaning of dishes and laundry contributes 20-25% of a household’s carbon footprint, so any increase in cleaning efficiency reduces domestic carbon footprint significantly.

World-leading research by our Chemical Engineers has improved our understanding of cleaning detergents and addresses consumer and industry needs for cleaning products that use lower concentrations of chemicals and processes that use minimal energy and water.


We are committed to providing the best environment to drive innovation in energy, health and sustainability with our cross-disciplinary research, we are excited to continue this work in our new Molecular Sciences building.

Computer Science - 3rd in the UK for computer science research GPA and 4* research

Our world-leading research in fundamental and applied computer science is breaking new ground improving the cyber security of the global banking and automotive industries.

Engineering - top 10 in the UK for Engineering research GPA and 4* research

Our world-class research translates into significant innovation across the breadth of the transport industry from reducing environmental impact to improving rail network performance and vehicle safety through next-gen sensing tech.


Our research has led to substantial reductions in the use of natural resources in the aviation industry, using numerical optimisation methods to save 174,00 tonnes of fuel, preventing at least 0.55 million tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

Metallurgy and Materials - top 10 in the UK for Engineering research GPA and 4* research

We work closely with industry to accelerate the rate at which innovations reach practical application using manufacturing methods which have revolutionised the materials, performance and safety of components in the aerospace industry.

Physics - 4th in the UK for research GPA and top for 4* research

Our development of quantum technology will undeniably help make the world a safer, faster, and more productive place to live, transforming industry sectors such as transport, civil engineering, communications, computing and even space.

Professor Stephen Jarvis, Head of College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

“These outstanding results confirm the success of our research which delivers solutions with deep and lasting, real-world impact.”