Sexuality and Gender Studies at Birmingham - About us

Sexuality and Gender Studies is a broad interdisciplinary field of enquiry that crosses the arts, critical humanities, and social sciences, and that intersects with medicine and politics.

Academic staff and postgraduate students at Birmingham engage in cutting-edge work in the areas of gender theory and feminism; LGBT and queer studies; and the critical history of medicine and sexual science (sexology, psychiatry). As well as publishing theoretical and empirical research in these fields, we engage with policy-making, activism and social justice work outside the academy. For more on our research and public engagement, see the individual Staff and Publications pages.

The MRes in Sexuality and Gender Studies introduces students to critical debates in the field, deepens their knowledge of specialist aspects of the discipline(s), and prepares them for PhD study as well as a host of other careers.

The large and diverse PhD community in Sexuality and Gender Studies operates a thriving network, ROLES, which brings together students from across the University to share ideas and research. It has hosted seminar series and two successful conferences. For more information, see the Current Postgraduate Students and News and Events pages.