Doctoral research

You can study a PhD in Sexuality and Gender Studies in a number of Departments and Schools of the University of Birmingham.

Academic staff who can supervise in Sexuality and Gender

You should contact the relevant staff member about making an application to study under their supervision, in their Department.


Current doctoral researchers

Sexuality and Gender Studies has a vibrant postgraduate community, carrying out research in a broad range of areas. Profiles of some of our current doctoral researchers and details of their research are listed below:

  • Yiran Ai, Differences in the gender perspectives of directors of ‘Western’ and Hong Kong films between 1990 and 2000
  • Simon Clewes, Male-Male Desire: Sedgwick, “Queering” and the Continued Theoretical Neglect of Homoeroticism in Early Gothic Writing.
  • Valeria Floris, Analysing Gender and Sexuality in Slash Fanfiction: a Comparative Study between Anglophone and Italian Literature
  • Abby Fox, Dita goes to Disneyland: understanding pin-up culture with Michel Foucault and Johan Huizinga
  • Katie Masters, Putting the ‘social’ in ‘social anxiety disorder’: exploring this mental health issue in women from the perspectives of feminism and anti-psychiatry
  • Elisa Saturno Paasche, Representations of Masculinity in the films of Nino Manfredi
  • Abbey Rees-Hales, (S)Ex-Libris: Women Artists and the Trade in Erotic Illustrated Books in Europe and the United States, c. 1914-1934’
  • Christopher Ryder, The use of gender stereotypes in ISIS propaganda
  • Daisy Savage, 'Decolonial feminism and the work of Nina Bouraoui
  • Anna Lisa Somma, Donna con donna' (woman with woman): representations of female-female desire in early modern Italian literature