Engagement and Involvement

There is substantial public, media and organisational (policy-maker, non-governmental organisations and industry) interest in the Clean Air agenda. We are exploring methods to communicate this complex agenda and the role of engagement in behavioural change and co-development of Clean Air Solutions. 

Ongoing interdisciplinary projects in this area include:

  • WM-Air, an initiative that works with stakeholders across the West Midlands region to support the improvement of air quality and associated health, environmental and economic benefits. https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/schools/gees/research/projects/wm-air/index.aspx
  • Green Infrastructure for Air Quality (GI4AQ). The Urban Forestry team work with national and international stakeholders to deploy green infrastructure to Reduce air pollution in urban areas, Extend the distance between air pollution sources and human receptors and Protect the most vulnerable people. Read our four-page introductory guide to First Steps in Urban Air Quality or watch our presentation on Green Infrastructure for Roadside Air Quality designed for a non-specialist audience. 
  • ENCOMPASS, that engages communities, public and society with environmental science research https://encompassuk.wordpress.com/ASAP is developing a systems approach to air pollution. This includes developing alternative approaches to planning African cities based on alternative-substitute place-making. It also includes developing a hybrid approach to policy analysis, combined with an institutional logics perspective, to identify and explain the failure of air pollution policy.
  • Development of urban diagnostics to identify societal challenges across city-regions to support an integrated approach to policy development.  

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