About us

Woman presenting data to three menThe limits of care are no longer defined by a lack of data, but by our ability to handle this data.

Traditional clinical observations are now supplemented by new streams of multidimensional data such as the large-scale datasets generated exponentially across the UK. Healthcare data interpretation is expensive, inefficient, and is no longer deliverable in today’s health care systems, in which demand is increasing by 11% per year, outstripping the capacity of the skilled workforce. Quality in care will increasingly be expected to be personalised and holistic, necessitating a novel approach that can integrate real time healthcare datasets from multiple platforms, across disparate resources, intelligently presenting the most relevant data in a context-dependent fashion, and enable the application of AI-enabled frameworks to support diagnosis, and recommend personalised treatment pathways. 

The Centre for Health Data Science hosts regional, national, and global leadership in the health data science arena by harnessing the full potential of Birmingham’s health data science capabilities directed at quality improvement, better care for patients and cutting-edge research.