Developing greater insight into the brain

The brain is a complicated organ that is hugely uncharted. One area that is little explored is that of brain health in neurocritical care and neuromonitoring.

Researchers at the Healthcare Technologies Institute are developing greater insight into the brain. Professor Hamid Dehghani and his team are applying physics to medicine in order to non-invasively image the body.

BitMap (Brain injury and trauma monitoring using advanced photonics), led by Professor Dehghani, is an innovative new Horizon 2020-funded project, which is developing a suite of light based non-invasive devices that can provide essential information about brain health.

The project aims to improve the treatment and care of those suffering from traumatic brain injury (TBI) and neonates with brain injury from pregnancy or birthing complications. The project is also motivated by the clinical evidence that such devices would lead to significantly improved healthcare and reduced socioeconomic impact.

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