About the International Centre for Heritage

Whether collaborating with the Ironbridge Gorge Trust, co-creating projects with local communities or consulting for UNESCO, the International Centre for Heritage has always been a world leader in sustainable and innovative approaches to heritage management practices and future strategies. 

A night time scene at the Sky Bar in Belua State - a man is holding a selfie stick to take a picture of himself while he looks across the illuminated city

Based at the University of Birmingham, the Centre provides a hub for interdisciplinary research, teaching and practice that aims to positively change the impact of heritage on global societies, and support equality and wider human rights. 

Our research impacts government policy, builds sustainable communities, and supports a diverse range of industries, at regional, national and international levels. Working with industry and community-based partners, the Institute builds innovative and creative mechanisms of public engagement and knowledge exchange.

In the last 30 years, ICH helped its members to develop third sector projects that facilitate public engagement, support teaching activities, and created research that has measurable and sustainable impact on civic and global communities.  

Here are just some of the projects we've worked on:

  • The role of conservation policies in local understandings of heritage in living heritage places
  • Hughli River of Cultures project
  • Creating Healthier Societies Through Heritage
  • Third sector: pathways to wellbeing, well-city Salisbury, Welsh government winter of wellbeing programme

The aims of the International Centre for Heritage:

  • To be a hub for interdisciplinary world-leading research that impacts policy and practice.
  • Support knowledge exchange and public engagement activities through collaboration projects with third sector government and community organisations
  • Deliver innovative research-led taught programmes through industry-based content.