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The IEL Birmingham Library has been established to provide open access to entire books written or edited by members of the Institute or to edited collections to which IEL members contributed chapters.

The respective publishers have specifically given their consent to this open access publication in the IEL Birmingham Library.   

Graham Gee, Luca Rubini ,Martin Trybus (Eds.) 
Leaving the EU? The Legal Impact of “Brexit” on the United Kingdom
© The editors and original authors

Mario Comba & Steen Treumer (Eds.)
The In-House Providing in European Law 
(European Procurement Law Series vol. 1)
© 2010 DJØF Publishing
ISBN 978-87-574-2168-2

Roberto Caranta & Martin Trybus (eds)
The Law of Green and Social Procurement in Europe 
(European Procurement Law Series vol. 2)
© 2010 DJØF Publishing
ISBN 978-87-574-2325-9

Steen Treumer & François Lichère (eds)
Enforcement of the EU Public Procurement Rules 
(European Procurement Law Series vol. 3)
© 2011 DJØF Publishing
ISBN 978-87-574-2328-0