People at the IGES

Dr Thomas Brodie

Director of IGES

Dr Thomas Brodie is an Assistant Professor in 20th Century European History whose research primarily addresses the social and cultural histories of Nazi Germany, with a particular focus on the period of the Second World War and its aftermaths.


Thomas Brodie

Dr Jost-Henrik Morgenstern-Pomorski

Deputy Director and DAAD-Fachlektor

Dr Jost-Henrik Morgenstern-Pomorski is DAAD Lecturer in European Politics with research expertise in European foreign policy and in the European External Action Service, the EU’s diplomatic service.


Jost-Henrik Morgenstern-Pomorski

Dr Andrea I Frank

Dr Andrea I Frank is Associate Professor in Urban and Regional Planning with research interest in sustainable urban development and comparing spatial planning practices and cultures in Europe; she has also expertise in planning education pathways in HE across the EHEA.



Photo of Dr Andrea Frank

Dr Charlotte Galpin

Dr Charlotte Galpin is an Associate Professor in German and European Politics. Her research is concerned with European identities, EU citizenship, Euroscepticism and the European public sphere.



Dr John Goodyear

Dr John Goodyear is a Lecturer in English as a Modern Foreign Language and a German Tutor researching post-war Anglo-German theatre life, specifically in the context of the Globe theatre in Oldenburg, Germany.


Dr John Goodyear

Dr Elystan Griffiths

Dr Elystan Griffiths is a Reader in German with a research focus on the relationship between social and political inequalities and German culture in the period between 1750 and 1850 and a particular interest in outsider figures.


Photograph of Dr Elystan Griffiths

Dr Armin Grünbacher

Dr Armin Grünbacher is a Senior Lecturer in Modern History. His main interest lies in post war Germany and the political, social and economic reconstruction of the country (including Allied occupation policy) against the backdrop of the Cold War.


Armin Grunbacher

Dr Jonathan Gumz

Dr Jonathan Gumz is a Reader in Modern History, whose intellectual interests focus on Modern Central and Eastern Europe, modern international history, global insurgency and counterinsurgency, as well as international law and the regulation of war.


Professor Tim Haughton

Professor Tim Haughton is a Reader in European Politics with a particular interest in electoral and party politics, electoral campaigning, the relationship between politics and government, the interaction between domestic and European sources of change, the relationship between Britain and the EU, the role of the past in the politics of the present and the domestic politics of Slovakia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic.


Dr Tim Haughton

Dr Julian Hoerner

Julian Hoerner is a Lecturer in Politics at POLSIS. His research focuses on the interaction of electoral behaviour and political institutions in shaping representation, accountability, and the quality of democracy in Europe. He also has an interest the impact of historical legacies on contemporary politics. Before joining POLSIS, Julian was a Senior Research Analyst covering the EU and Germany at the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.


Julian Hoerner

Professor Sara Jones

Professor Sara Jones is Professor in the Department of Modern Languages. Her current research analyses the political, social and cultural processes of remembering state socialist dictatorship.


Photograph of Dr Sara Jones

Dr Katharina Karcher

Dr Katharina Karcher is a Senior Lecturer in German whose work focuses on protest movements and political violence in the 20th and 21st centuries and who has a particular interest in questions of gender, race, class, dis/ability, and political ideology.



Dr Deema Kaneff

Dr Deema Kaneff is a Reader in Social Anthropology with specific interest in Bulgaria and Ukraine. Her research is based on carrying out ethnographic fieldwork in particular rural and urban sites in for protracted periods of time (amounting to a number of years).


Dr Simone Laqua O’Donnell

Dr Simone Laqua O’Donnell is a Senior Lecturer in European History who is interested in social, cultural and religious history from the early modern to the modern period (16th - 20th century) and who is currently working on networks of radical religious communities and on the role of children in Protestant missions in Britain and Germany.


Simone Laqua-O’Donnell

Dr Anca Mandru

Dr Anca Mandru is a Gerda-Henkel Research Fellow interested in pre-World War Two socialism and nationalism, cultural history and the history of science, whose research focuses on Eastern Europe, particularly Romania. 


Anca Mandru

Dr Nicholas Martin

Dr Nicholas Martin is a Reader in European Intellectual History who researches modern intellectual history, in particular the ideas of Friedrich Nietzsche and their reception, as well as the cultural history of war, terrorism and political violence in modern Germany.


Photograph of Dr Nicholas Martin

Dr Jasmin Nithammer

Dr Jasmin Nithammer is a Gerda-Henkel Research Fellow whose work focuses on the international, social, and economic history of interwar and postwar East Central Europe (especially Poland).


Jasmin Nithammer

Dr Julian Pänke

Julian Pänke is an Associate Professor in European Politics who is interested in comparative foreign policy analysis, in German and East Central European politics, the impact of history on foreign policy making and specifically how tensions between nation- and empire building shape a state’s external behaviour.



Dr Klaus Richter

Dr Klaus Richter is a Birmingham Fellow and Reader in Eastern European History whose main field of research is the social history of modern Poland, the Baltics and Russia, with special interest in issues such as nationalism, ethnic conflict and concepts of political economy and statehood.



Dr Maren Rohe

Dr Maren Rohe is a post-doctoral Research Fellow in the project ‘Post-Socialist Britain: Memory, Representation and Political Identity amongst German and Polish Immigrants in the UK.’


Maren Rohe

Professor Corey Ross

Corey Ross is a Professor of Modern History. His primary research interests are in global environmental history and modern European social and cultural history.


Nadine Sturm

Nadine Sturm is DAAD Lecturer in German Studies, teaching mainly German Sprachpraxis (Communicative Skills), Landeskunde and Use of Language. Her research interests are focused on German present-day language, including construction grammar, corpus research and German syntax


Nadine Sturm

Dr Graham Timmins

Dr Graham Timmins is a Reader in International Politics, who is a specialist on European integration with a particular focus on the external relations and foreign policy role of the European Union.




Dr Ruth Whittle

Dr Ruth Whittle is an Associate Professor in German Studies with an interest in the areas of language study and internationalisation. She has examined how to achieve transformational changes with language students as reflective learners.


Photograph of Dr Ruth Whittle

Professor Wilfried van der Will

Prof Wilfried van der Will is an Honorary Professor of Modern German Studies with Wide ranging research interests in 19th and 20th century German culture, philosophy and politics, especially from the end of the First World War to the present.


Dr David Zell

Dr David Zell is an Associate Research Fellow interested in cultural commemorations and the construction of cultural and political identity in the GDR.


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