Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy

Computerised image of cancer cellsCancer Immunology represents a strong and developing theme within the Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy. Building on exceptional international interest within this area, investigators within the Institute work within a broad range of interests and are characterised by a strong translational focus.

Professor Benjamin WillcoxBasic Science Lead

Professor Benjamin Willcox

Professor of Molecular Immunology

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Professor Gary MiddletonClinical Lead

Professor Gary Middleton

Professor of Medical Oncology

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About our research

Cancer Immunology is one of three research domains within the successful CRUK Centre award of 2017 and the Centre for Immunology and Immunotherapy of Cancer (CIIC), a University of Birmingham-wide grouping facilitating cross-Institute/cross-College development of this theme, has been active since 2012.

Aims of our research

Our aim is to make significant contributions to understanding the fundamental processes that underlie the immune response to cancer and to translate this into therapeutic opportunities with our NHS partners. Our plans will see us strengthen national and international collaborations, deepen our interactions with industry and contribute to training within this exciting area of biology.

Our staff

Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy Principal Investigators
Principal InvestigatorResearch Interest
Professor Benjamin Willcox Novel tumour antigens and unconventional T cell function, particularly in immunosurveillance of cellular stress.
Professor Gary Middleton Tumour immunobiology and the tumour microenviroment with a particular focus on MDSCs.
Professor Paul Moss Application of translational immunological research in the study of human disease.
Dr Yuk Ting Ma Understanding how epigenetic therapies may be used to reverse resistance to chemotherapy.
Dr Graham Taylor Immune system in health and disease and how best to harness the immune system to treat cancer.
Dr Claire Shannon-Lowe Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) entry into epithelial cells, T cells and Natural Killer cells.
Dr Heather Long Developing immune-based therapies for the treatment of EBV-associated and non virus-associated lymphomas.
Dr Fiyaz Mohammed Immune cell surface receptor/ligand interactions relevant to cancer using X-ray crystallography.
Dr Jianmin Zuo Natural Killer (NK) cells in leukaemia.
Dr Carmela De Santo Tumour immunosuppression and myeloid derived suppressor cells.