BactiVac Online: Training Courses 2020

BactiVac Online Training Courses in Grant Writing and Project Management were delivered in November and December 2020. Places for our online courses were available for Network members only and allocated via a competitive process. 

Due to the overwhelming number of applications, the Network held multiple courses to maximise the opportunities for our members. As a result, 53 Network members representing 22 different countries had the unique opportunity to learn and engage with their peers during Grant Writing and Project Management courses. 

Training courses were delivered by Dr Laura Knogler from Scriptoria. Dr Knogler has over ten years of experience of delivering courses to people worldwide. To ensure the safety and accessibility of courses for all participants, courses were delivered online through Zoom. Scriptoria online courses were highly interactive and engaged participants through presentations, group discussions, partnered exercises and polls. All participants received a comprehensive set of course notes in additional to tools and software tips.

 Please see below some selected feedback from our Network members; view a list of attendees for both courses.

Kelvin Abuga

Kelvin Abuga, Kenya
Grant Writing Course 2020

“I enjoyed the experience of learning about grant writing and the content was amazing. Though virtual, it felt like a close community and the grouping made it feel very practical.”

Trinidad Pomilio

Trinidad Pomilio, Argentina
Grant Writing Course 2020

“Great opportunity given by BactiVac on how to write a grant properly. Connection between lecturers was a nice and enriching experience.”

Mohamed Yousif

Mohamed Yousif, United Kingdom 
Grant Writing Course 2020

"I believe this one of the most valuable course for researchers, especially earlier career researcher who has no or little experience in grants writing. The course was enjoyable, focused and well-delivered."

Ravinder Kaur

Ravinder Kaur, United States of America
Project Management Course 2020

"The course was well planned and Laura was very knowledge and helpful. Different exercises regarding various tools during the course and interactions among participants were very informative."

Prisca Mbele

Prisca Mbele, South Africa 
Project Management Course 2020

"It was informative, the content easy to understand and intake. I enjoyed the short assignments with small working groups because it made the course interactive and we put what we were learning into practice."

Sameeh Omoleke

Semeeh Omoleke, Nigeria 
Project Management Course 2020

"Given the time frame, project management course was well-adapted to clinical and public health researchers as well as public health programme implementers."

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