II. The Future of Nuclear Energy in the UK

The second Birmingham Policy Commission evaluated the role of nuclear power generation beyond the present horizon, exploring technical, environmental, political, sociological and economic factors.

Commission events:

A fringe event at the 2012 Labour party conference: ‘Is nuclear energy the answer?’

“Nuclear Energy in the UK: What does the future hold?” A public debate held in Westminster to explore Commission themes (March 2012)

"What should be the role of nuclear power in a secure future energy supply?" A public presentation by Professor Martin Freer at the Lunar Society (January 2012). Read a summary of the discussion (PDF - 89.0 KB) and view the presentation (PDF - 12.5 MB).

The Commission report:

Nuclear Policy Commission Report

Read the Commission Report

Read comment pieces written by members of the Commission.


Professor Martin Freer
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