I. Future of Local Public Services

The first Birmingham Policy Commission considered the future of local public services in the context of the coalition Government's 'big society' initiative.

Launched with a debate at the Conservative Party Conference in October 2010, the Commission brought together evidence of past attempts at reform with new research and thinking to generate policy options for the future of local public services. Guided by expert Commissioners from academia, policy and practice, and delivered in collaboration with Demos, the Commission focused on what local state, civic and private actors can do to meet the challenges of designing and delivering local public services in a society that supports individual and collective efficacy, social justice and local democracy.

The Commission investigated -

  • The contribution of behaviour change approaches and techniques to the design and delivery of local public services in the future
  • How public service roles and relationships will be redesigned and the implications for citizens, service users and providers
  • The role of local government
  • How we can reproduce success and mitigate failure in a ‘localist’ system

The Commission paid special attention to young people as potential volunteers and civic actors, employees, entrepreneurs and service users.

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Professor Helen Sullivan led this Policy Commission on The Future of Local Public Services.

Working in collaboration

This Policy Commission worked  with Demos and colleagues from across the University and College of Social Sciences including the Third Sector Research CentreSchool of Education and the Institute of Local Government Studies. The Commission's work brought together people from a wide range of organisations and interests.