Commission Global Consultation Exercise

ConsultationBirmingham Policy Commission: The Security Impact of Drones 

Legal questions

  • What do you understand the legal position to be with regard to British use of RPAS for (a) observation and surveillance and (b) for the delivery of lethal effect?
  • What are the different issues arising in relation to use in peacetime, international armed conflict and non-international armed conflict?
  • To what degree, if any, does the use of RPAS in armed conflict introduce additional or different legal considerations from those arising for manned aircraft, cruise missiles, long range artillery or the use of special forces?
  • Are there developments likely in international law that should be taken into account in future UK RPAS policy?
  • Do your answers apply equally in respect of HM armed forces and possible commercial operators? Is it legally important that those operating armed RPAS should be serving members of HM Armed Forces?
  • What do you think are likely to be the most important legal considerations in the development of the use of RPAS across the world, given the forecast spread of next generation RPAS that will be cheaper and easier to operate and that will range from tiny hand-launched micro-drones to large aircraft size?
  • Would any of your answers be different in relation to any future development and use of fully autonomous systems?

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