Basic science

Dr Shish Shetty, an Intermediate Clinical Fellow in the Centre for Liver Research, has recently published details of  A flow adhesion assay to study leucocyte recruitment to human hepatic sinusoidal endothelium under conditions of shear stress in JOVE - the Journal of Visualised Experiments.  The video demonstrates that the flow adhesion assay is a powerful tool to study general and organ specific leucocyte recruitment in human systems

Clinical Liver Disease- Overlap Syndrome

Dr Gideon Hirschfield discusses current views and controversies on autoimmune liver disease and overlap syndrome with Dr Bruce Bacon at the American Association for Liver Disease meeting in 2013. Overlap syndrome is when a patient presents with more than one autoimmune liver disease.


Liver Transplant Master Class

In 2013 Birmingham celebrated the 4000th liver transplant of its programme, setting it out clearly as a pioneer and leader in orthotopic liver transplantation. Dr Gideon Hirschfield and Professor Philip Newsome, on behalf of the Birmingham Liver Unit, are pleased to invite colleagues to a Liver Transplant Master Class on 8th-9th May 2014