Genomic networks of latent factors for cognition in the UK Biobank

Gisbert Kapp - N334
Thursday 14 September 2023 (13:00-14:00)

Stacey Smith

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Genomic networks of latent factors for cognition in the UK Biobank

Utilising combined Exploratory Factor Analysis and Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) we have developed a multifactorial model of cognitive data in the UK Biobank (UKB), mapping to Cattell-Horn-Carroll theory. 

We investigate the molecular genetics and brain correlates of executive functioning, a pivotal cognitive process implicated in psychiatric disorders. Utilising cognitive testing data from the UK Biobank, we employed Exploratory Factor and Structural Equation Modelling to develop a multifactorial model. Mapping to Cattell-Horn-Carroll theory, the three-factor model delineated fluid reasoning (Gf), distinguishing visuospatial reasoning (variance 14%) and verbal-analytical reasoning (variance 11%) from processing speed (Gs) (variance 11%), explaining 36% of the variance in test performance and surpassing general intelligence (g) (24% variance) (Ciobanu.. Clark et al., 2023).

In this talk Scott will discuss the study and the findings in more detail.


This is a hybrid event. 

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About the Speaker

Associate Professor Scott Clark is Head of the Adelaide University Discipline of Psychiatry and lead of research and teaching programs. He works as an Adult and Youth Community Psychiatrist. His research interests include multimodal biomarkers for the stratification and prediction of outcomes as well as clinical trials of novel treatments for severe mental illness. PI for NHMRC PRE-EMPT Centre for Research Excellence in psychosis prediction. PI and co-chair of fluid biomarker committee for NIMH funded AMP-Schizophrenia International Consortium as well as a number of Wellcome Trust and NHMRC funded clinical trials. He an executive member of the MAGNET and AEPECC clinical trial networks and is PI on studies awarded over $30M.