Predicting Treatment Response in Psychosis

In Person and online via Zoom (see registration links below)
Monday 17 July 2023 (13:00-14:00)

Stacey Smith

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Predicting Treatment Response in Psychosis

Up to a third of patients with schizophrenia do not experience sufficient improvement of symptoms and functioning on their first two trials of antipsychotic medications. This is concerning as ineffective antipsychotic treatment early in psychotic illness can lead to exacerbations of psychotic symptoms that impair daily functioning – leading to worse long-term outcomes. Given the considerable burdens associated with psychosis, there is a clear need to identify successful treatments earlier in the course of illness.

In this presentation, Mag will speak to the literature on neurobiological markers for antipsychotic treatment response, and share key findings from a systematic review she is working on as part of her PhD. Mag will also briefly speak to some of her ongoing work examining the utility of EEG-assessments in making predictions regarding clinical outcomes and antipsychotic treatment response, as well as a proposal to evaluate the economic value of implementing such assessments in the clinical management of individuals experiencing psychotic disorders.

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About the Speaker

Mag de Rozario (she/her), is a registered psychologist, PhD Candidate, and Lecturer at Orygen and The University of Melbourne, Australia.

While she has clinical experience across a diverse set of settings and populations, Mag has found her vocation working (both as a clinician and academic) in the field of youth mental health. Establishing and improving clinical services for young people experiencing mental ill-health has been a passion of hers for years. This passion was born out of her observation of the need for improvements in access and quality of mental-health services in her home country, Malaysia.

The current focus of her research is on improving treatment outcomes in psychosis, and she is supervised by Prof. Stephen Wood and Dr. Ilvana Dzafic on this work.