Recent publications of RPP Team 

 Professor Matthew Broome

  • Phenomenology as a resource for translational research in mental health: methodological trends, challenges and new directions, R. Ritunnano, D. Papola, M.R. Broome and B. Nelson. Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences, Volume 32, 16 January 2023
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  • Applied ontology for phenomenological psychopathology? A cautionary tale. Rosa Ritunnano, Giovanni Stanghellini, Anthony Vincent Fernandez, Jasper Feyaerts, Matthew Broome October, The Lancet 2022
  • Communication in youth mental health clinical encounters: Introducing the agential stance. Clara Bergen, Lisa Bortolotti, Katherine Tallent, Matthew Broome, Michael Larkin, Rachel Temple, Catherine Fadashe, Carmen Lee, and Michele C. Lim, Theory & Psychology 2022, Vol. 32(5) 667–690, 2022
  • Making psychiatry moral again: the role of psychiatry in patient moral development, Journal of Medical Ethics, Doug McConnell, Matthew Broome, Julian Savulescu
  • Listening to voices: understanding and self-management of auditory verbal hallucinations in young adults.Peter Denno,Stephanie Wallis,Kimberly Caldwell,Jonathan IvesORCID Icon,Stephen J. Wood,Matthew R. Broome,Pavan Mallikarjun,Femi Oyebode &Rachel Upthegrove, pp. 281-292, Aug 2021, Psychosis, Psychological, Social and Integrative Approaches, Volume 14, 2022 - Issue 3
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  • Finding order within the disorder: a case study exploring the meaningfulness of delusions, 12 January 2021, Rosa Ritunnano, Clara Humpston and Matthew R. Broome, BJPsych Bulletin, Volume 46, Issue 2

Professor Giovanni Stanghellini

  • 2022 Se-duction is not sex-duction: Desexualizing and de-feminizing hysteria. In FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY vol. 13, Mancini, Milena; Scudiero, Martina; Mignogna, Silvio; Urso, Valentina; Stanghellini, Giovanni
  • 2022 Se-duction is not sex-duction: Desexualizing and de-feminizing hysteria. In FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY vol. 13, Mancini, Milena; Scudiero, Martina; Mignogna, Silvio; Urso, Valentina; Stanghellini, Giovanni
  • 2022 Se-duction is not sex-duction: Desexualizing and de-feminizing hysteria. In FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY vol. 13, Mancini, Milena; Scudiero, Martina; Mignogna, Silvio; Urso, Valentina; Stanghellini, Giovanni
  • 2022 Homo oeconomicus: a key for understanding late modernity narcissism?. In PSYCHOPATHOLOGY, Giovanni Stanghellini
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Dr Lucienne Spencer

•Hermeneutical Injustice and Unworlding in Psychopathology, Philosophical Psychology, DOI: 10.1080/09515089.2023.2166821, 2023

•-(2023) Epistemic Injustice in Late-Stage Dementia: A Case for Non-Verbal Testimonial Injustice, Social Epistemology, 37:1, 62-79, DOI: 10.1080/02691728.2022.2103474, 2023

• Ian James Kidd, Lucienne Spencer & Havi Carel (2022) Epistemic injustice in psychiatric research and practice, Philosophical Psychology, DOI: 10.1080/09515089.2022.2156333, 2023

Dr Roxana Baiasu

▪“Epistemic Injustice and Making Sense of Things in Dementia” in A transdisciplinary experience in Phenomenology, Neuroscience and Clinical Practices, Francesca Brencio (ed.), forthcoming, 2023.

▪“Lived Experiences, Illness and Epistemic Injustices in Lockdown” in Time For Debate: Perspectives on Lockdowns from the Humanities and Social Science, Peter Sutoris, Sinead Murphy, Aleida Mendes Borges and Yossi Nehushtan (eds.), Routledge, 2022.  

▪“Vulnerability, Well Being and Mental Health” in Vulnerability of the Human World, Susi Ferrarello and Elodie Boublil (eds.), Springer, 2022.

Jae Ryeong Sul

Phenomenological psychopathology has gained traction among South Korean scholars, and it has sparked vibrant debates across various disciplines. In nursing research, discussions have centred on the applicability of phenomenological methods in empirical research (Kim et al., 2020). In philosophy, much research has sought to clarify the relationships between phenomenology and psychopathology (Lee, 2006, 2016, 2019; Chin, 2007; Lee, 2018; Kim and Song, 2014). In psychiatry, clinicians at Seoul National University Hospital have translated the ipseity disturbance model into readily accessible terms (Paek and Kang, 2011). While theoretical endeavours are crucial for clarifying the central tenets of phenomenological psychopathology, I believe that it is essential to maintain focus on its primary aim: understanding a person living with mental disorders. I chose to translate “Findings in a Case of Schizophrenic Depression” (Minkowski, 1958) as it illustrates phenomenological psychopathology at work. This article is a product of his two-month period living alongside his patient. In it, he articulates the coexistence of seemingly conflicting realities within the patient’s world. By carefully attending to the lifeworld of his patient, Minkowski systematically describes the complexity of the patient’s conflicting attitudes and provides a nuanced account of his delusion. As such, the selected text not only emphasises the primary aim of phenomenological psychopathology in understanding a person but also provides invaluable insight into achieving this understanding. I hope the translated text contributes to the ongoing discussions and debates among South Korean scholars.

Original Korean text (Word doc) - Findings in a Case of Schizophrenic Depression

With Englash translation (Word doc) - Findings in a Case of Schizophrenic Depression