Recent publications of RPP Team 

 Professor Matthew Broome

  • Phenomenology as a resource for translational research in mental health: methodological trends, challenges and new directions, R. Ritunnano, D. Papola, M.R. Broome and B. Nelson. Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences, Volume 32, 16 January 2023
  • Epistemic injustice amongst clinical and non-clinical voice-hearers: A qualitative thematic analysis study. Olivia Harris, Carina Andrews, Matthew R. Broome, Claudia Kustner, Pamela Jacobsen, British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 24 April 2022
  • Applied ontology for phenomenological psychopathology? A cautionary tale. Rosa Ritunnano, Giovanni Stanghellini, Anthony Vincent Fernandez, Jasper Feyaerts, Matthew Broome October, The Lancet 2022
  • Communication in youth mental health clinical encounters: Introducing the agential stance. Clara Bergen, Lisa Bortolotti, Katherine Tallent, Matthew Broome, Michael Larkin, Rachel Temple, Catherine Fadashe, Carmen Lee, and Michele C. Lim, Theory & Psychology 2022, Vol. 32(5) 667–690, 2022
  • Making psychiatry moral again: the role of psychiatry in patient moral development, Journal of Medical Ethics, Doug McConnell, Matthew Broome, Julian Savulescu
  • Listening to voices: understanding and self-management of auditory verbal hallucinations in young adults.Peter Denno,Stephanie Wallis,Kimberly Caldwell,Jonathan IvesORCID Icon,Stephen J. Wood,Matthew R. Broome,Pavan Mallikarjun,Femi Oyebode &Rachel Upthegrove, pp. 281-292, Aug 2021, Psychosis, Psychological, Social and Integrative Approaches, Volume 14, 2022 - Issue 3
  • The phenomenology of auditory verbal hallucinations in emotionally unstable personality disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. Stephanie Wallis, Peter Denno, Jonathan Ives, Pavan Mallikarjun, Stephen J Wood, Femi Oyebode, Matthew Broome, Rachel Upthegrove, 2022/6, Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine, Volume 39/2, pp. 196-206
  • Subjective experience and meaning of delusions in psychosis: a systematic review and qualitative evidence synthesis. Rosa Ritunnano, Joshua Kleinman, Danniella Whyte Oshodi, Maria Michail, Barnaby Nelson, Clara S Humpston, Matthew R Broome, 2022/5/4. The Lancet Psychiatry
  • Towards personalised predictive psychiatry in clinical practice: an ethical perspective. Natalie Lane, Matthew Broome, 2022/4. The British Journal of psychiatry. Volume 22/4. Pp. 172-174
  • Finding order within the disorder: a case study exploring the meaningfulness of delusions, 12 January 2021, Rosa Ritunnano, Clara Humpston and Matthew R. Broome, BJPsych Bulletin, Volume 46, Issue 2

Professor Giovanni Stanghellini

  • 2022 Se-duction is not sex-duction: Desexualizing and de-feminizing hysteria. In FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY vol. 13, Mancini, Milena; Scudiero, Martina; Mignogna, Silvio; Urso, Valentina; Stanghellini, Giovanni
  • 2022 Se-duction is not sex-duction: Desexualizing and de-feminizing hysteria. In FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY vol. 13, Mancini, Milena; Scudiero, Martina; Mignogna, Silvio; Urso, Valentina; Stanghellini, Giovanni
  • 2022 Se-duction is not sex-duction: Desexualizing and de-feminizing hysteria. In FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY vol. 13, Mancini, Milena; Scudiero, Martina; Mignogna, Silvio; Urso, Valentina; Stanghellini, Giovanni
  • 2022 Homo oeconomicus: a key for understanding late modernity narcissism?. In PSYCHOPATHOLOGY, Giovanni Stanghellini
  • 2022 The person's position-taking in the shaping of schizophrenic phenomena. In PHILOSOPHICAL PSYCHOLOGY Stanghellini, G; Aragona, M; Gilardi, L; Ritunnano, R
  • 2022 The Power of Images and the Logics of Discovery in Psychiatric Care. In BRAIN SCIENCES G. Stanghellini
  • 2022 Divina presenza. La porta mistica, erotica ed estetica l'esperienza dell'informe - ISBN: 978-88-229-0700-4 Giovanni Stanghellini
  • 2022 Grounding Co-Writing: An Analysis of the Theoretical Basis of a New Approach in Mental Health Care. DOI: 10.1111/jpm.12835. In JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRIC AND MENTAL HEALTH NURSING. Faccio, Elena; Pocobello, Raffaella; Vitelli, Roberto; Stanghellini, Giovanni
  • 2022 Anorexia nervosa as a disorder of the subcortical-cortical interoceptive-self. DOI: 10.1007/s40519-022-01510-7. In EATING AND WEIGHT DISORDERS vol. 27, Lucherini Angeletti, Lorenzo; Innocenti, Matteo; Felciai, Federica; Ruggeri, Emanuele; Cassioli, Ema et al.
  • 2022 Understanding Other Persons: a Guide for the Perplexed. In The Clinician in the Psychiatric Diagnostic Process, Giovanni Stanghellini
  • 2022 Ordinary Language and Life-World Philosophies: Toward the Next Generation in Philosophy and Psychiatry. DOI: 10.1353/ppp.2022.0000. In Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology vol. 29. Fulford K.W.M.; Stanghellini G.; Sadler J.Z.
  • 2022 Psychopathology and Mental Status Examination. In Textbook of Psychiatry for Intellectual Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Giovanni Stanghellini
  • 2022 Transdiagnostic assessment of temporal experience (TATE) a tool for assessing abnormal time experiences. DOI: 10.1007/s11097-021-09795-2. In PHENOMENOLOGY AND THE COGNITIVE SCIENCES vol. 21. Stanghellini G.; Mancini M.; Fernandez A.V.; Moskalewicz M.; Pompili M.; Ballerini M.
  • 2022 Monty Python without the Laughs. In Life Pushed Aside: Clair Wills on Netherne Hospital. In History of Psychiatry Special Interest Group. Giovanni Stanghellini
  • 2022 From the Patient’s Perspective: Engaging With the Other. DOI: 10.1353/ppp.2022.0049. In PHILOSOPHY, PSYCHIATRY & PSYCHOLOGY vol. 29. Stanghellini G.
  • 2022 Walter Benjamin: brooding and melancholia. DOI: 10.1192/bjp.2021.180. In BRITISH JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY vol. 220 Ikkos G.; Stanghellini G.
  • 2022 Images of depression in Charles Baudelaire: clinical understanding in the context of poetry and social history. DOI: 10.1192/bjb.2022.84. In BJPSYCH BULLETIN Stanghellini, Giovanni; Ikkos, George
  • 2022 Sensibility and schizophrenia: Wilhelm Waiblinger on Friedrich Hölderlin's life, poetry and madness – psychiatry in literature. In BRITISH JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY, Stanghellini
  • 2022 Applied ontology for phenomenological psychopathology? A cautionary tale. DOI: 10.1016/S2215-0366(22)00301-7. In THE LANCET. PSYCHIATRY vol. 9, Ritunnano R.; Stanghellini G.; Fernandez A.V.; Feyaerts J.; Broome M.
  • 2022 The lived experience of psychosis: a bottom-up review co-written by experts by experience and academics. DOI: 10.1002/wps.20959. In WORLD PSYCHIATRY vol. 21, Fusar-Poli, Paolo; Estradé, Andrés; Stanghellini, Giovanni; Venables, Jemma; Onwumere, Juliana; Messas, Guilherme.

Dr Lucienne Spencer

•Hermeneutical Injustice and Unworlding in Psychopathology, Philosophical Psychology, DOI: 10.1080/09515089.2023.2166821, 2023

•-(2023) Epistemic Injustice in Late-Stage Dementia: A Case for Non-Verbal Testimonial Injustice, Social Epistemology, 37:1, 62-79, DOI: 10.1080/02691728.2022.2103474, 2023

• Ian James Kidd, Lucienne Spencer & Havi Carel (2022) Epistemic injustice in psychiatric research and practice, Philosophical Psychology, DOI: 10.1080/09515089.2022.2156333, 2023

Dr Roxana Baiasu

▪“Epistemic Injustice and Making Sense of Things in Dementia” in A transdisciplinary experience in Phenomenology, Neuroscience and Clinical Practices, Francesca Brencio (ed.), forthcoming, 2023.

▪“Lived Experiences, Illness and Epistemic Injustices in Lockdown” in Time For Debate: Perspectives on Lockdowns from the Humanities and Social Science, Peter Sutoris, Sinead Murphy, Aleida Mendes Borges and Yossi Nehushtan (eds.), Routledge, 2022.  

▪“Vulnerability, Well Being and Mental Health” in Vulnerability of the Human World, Susi Ferrarello and Elodie Boublil (eds.), Springer, 2022.