Why should I think about choosing an MSc in Mental Health at the University of Birmingham?

Youth mental health problems are increasing in prevalence and as a result, there is growing media and policy attention focusing on youth mental health.

In the UK, we have seen a rise in self-harm and suicide amongst young people, particularly young women (ONS, 2019). Given the challenges for existing services and the need to develop new and innovative ways to reach and support young people, you may be wondering how you could potentially make a difference.


Have you considered further study?

The Institute for Mental Health (IMH) at the University of Birmingham is launching a unique new qualification, an MSc in Mental Health that draws on the latest research from multiple disciplines to help to grow the global cross-sector workforce of the future to meet the challenge of youth mental health.

Our MSc in Mental Health is a unique qualification, bringing together a range of disciplines from psychology, sociology and social policy to medicine, philosophy and education. At the heart of the course is a strong focus on youth mental health, with an entire core module dedicated to this subject area. Students will also have a chance to choose from a range of optional modules that have been carefully developed with subject experts.

This is the only interdisciplinary taught MSc in Mental Health in the UK, offering you a unique opportunity to study alongside other colleagues drawn from a range of professional and educational backgrounds. This MSc allows you to carry out research alongside experts drawn from mental health research, practice, and experts by lived experience expertise such as our Youth Advisory Group. We will introduce you to the latest research in mental health, and you have the chance to learn from webinar discussions with experts in the field. We will also offer a research training that skills you to undertake leading research in mental health.

Why study at Birmingham’s Institute for Mental Health?

Our researcher Professor Rachel Upthegrove talks about our world-leading research in youth mental health at the IMH

Birmingham as a city has a strong record of developing novel mental health services and of interdisciplinary youth mental health research. It is home to the largest 0-25 mental health service in the UK. The IMH has been established to maximise the collaborative efforts of academics at the University of Birmingham, and builds on the strong existing partnerships with practice in the NHS; established through Birmingham Health PartnersForward Thinking Birmingham, and Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust.


Through interdisciplinary research the IMH works to improve the outcomes and care for young people with mental health problems. We will do this by working together to understand the causes of poor mental health, prevent mental health problems from developing, and respond to established illness by developing new treatments and services. You will have the opportunity to both study and conduct research within our vibrant research centre alongside academics leading in their respective fields.

Find out more and apply now 

For queries related to the course please contact: imh-msc@contacts.bham.ac.uk


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