Richard Peck

Dr Richard Peck is Global Head of Clinical Pharmacology for Roche. He trained in pharmacology and medicine at Cambridge University and has over twenty five years’ experience of pharmaceutical industry clinical pharmacology in GlaxoWellcome and Eli Lilly before he joined Roche. He is a current or former member of several research panels for the UK Medical Research Council, a UK government advisor for Experimental and Translational Medicine activities and former chair of the Experimental Medicine Group of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry.

He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine. His research interests include understanding and utilising variability in drug response to improve drug dosing and clinical benefit in different patient groups; applying clinical pharmacology to enable the development of personalised/stratified medicines and the use of model-based drug development strategies, including systems modelling, in which experimental data and quantitative models are used in an iterative learn/confirm cycle to increase the level of knowledge obtained from experimental data and thereby increase development and clinical success rates.