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Our aim is to harness the power of fundamental microbiology research to solve global threats to humanity. These include age-old diseases like Tuberculosis, newly emerging pathogens such as Zika and, most importantly, the enormous challenge of antimicrobial resistance.

With one of the largest communities of academic microbiologists in the world, we are at the vanguard of innovative research into combatting these threats. We do this by developing new approaches in three areas: diagnosis, treatment and prevention.  By bringing together a diverse community of internationally-recognised researchers, we are developing strategies that range from novel antimicrobial surfaces, through hand-held DNA sequencers to novel drugs and vaccines.  At the heart of all of these approaches is an unwavering dedication to ground-breaking, fundamental microbiology research – something that has been integral to the University of Birmingham since its foundation more than a century ago. 

We are continuously investing in major developments, expansion and improvements to our clinical research facilities. 
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