Autumn Statement 2016: Reactions and Perspectives

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“Farmers and food processors will need to develop some creative accounting of their own, to absorb the increased costs of imported ingredients and goods. And although an increased national wage is welcome, the big supermarkets will need to absorb this operational charge as well as stretch their sliver thin margin to hold back the on-slaughter of manufacturers' increased costs. Hence, the affordability of the weekly shop will not be an easy one for the country’s struggling JAM (just about managing) social group, identified as most in need.” – Dr Pamela Robinson.


Philip Hammond set out his first Autumn Statement as Chancellor on Wednesday, making his first major changes since Britain voted to leave the EU. He also announced this would be his last Autumn Statement, moving to just one budget a year to be announced in the Autumn.

University of Birmingham experts gave their reactions to the Autumn Statement from an academic perspective, looking at a variety of topics from taxation, economic growth to food inflation, and research and innovation.

Transport and Railways

Dr Pat Hanlon, Senior lecturer in Transport Economics

JAM spread a little too thin… as food inflation will continue to rise

Dr Pamela Robinson, Department of Strategy and International Business, Birmingham Business School

Looking at Economic Growth

Professor John Fender, Professor of Macroeconomics, Department of Economics


Professor Andy Lymer, Professor of Accounting and Taxation, Birmingham Business School

The impact on 'just managing families'

Professor Karen Rowlingson, Deputy Director of the Centre on Household Assets and Savings Management (CHASM), Department of Social Policy and Social Work

All Change? The New Politics of Austere Ambition

Professor John Bryson, City-Region Economic Development Institute, Birmingham Business School

Health and social care

Professor Judith Smith, Director of Health Services Management Centre

Research and Innovation

Professor Nick Green, Director of the Casting Partnership with Rolls-Royce, School of Metallurgy and Materials

Gender and Equality

Dr Scott Taylor, Department of Entrepreneurship & Local Economy