From Brexit to Trump-land divided?

This result confirms what we have been witnessing in England over the last ten years, a steady rise of far-right extremism and populism. Using a ‘scapegoat’ agenda promoting Euro-racism of 'the decent people' as Farage said last night against 'Europeans' (in Brussels and EU migrants in the UK), Britain becomes the first country to decide to leave the EU.

Indeed, parts of Britain have been out of Europe mentally for some years now. But the worst is yet to come, Brexiteers have a clear agenda of dismantling key aspects of employment law legislation, environmental protection and other market correcting regulations. Today most British voters feel closer to the angry supporters of Donald Trump where far-right populism is used strategically by rich elites who accuse foreigners and 'experts' of being the key culprits responsible for increasing economic precariousness. One wonders if they will ever realise that this is a convenient excuse used by Westminster to shift the blame elsewhere. An own-goal of historic proportions that gives pleasure to far-right populists around the world (including Vladimir Putin, Marine LePen) and may signify the dismantling of the UK given the strong pro-EU voting in Scotland, Northern Ireland and London.

Dr Sotirios Zartaloudis