The Spring Budget: 2017 Predictions

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“The problems facing the care sector are manifold: they need a quick injection of cash so that councils can help the people who need help now, and get people out of bursting hospital wards. But more profoundly someone needs a vision for how to get out of this crisis in the longer term.”  


As the Chancellor Philip Hammond sets out his budget, the last before the official process of triggering article 50 and negotiating the UK’s exit of the European Union begins, University of Birmingham experts give their predictions on might be in store for Wednesday’s Budget. 

The Current Economic Situation in the United Kingdom

Professor John Fender, Professor of Macroeconomics, Department of Economics

Taxation and Government spending

Professor Andy Lymer, Professor of Accounting and Taxation, Birmingham Business School

Looking at the Social care sector

Catherine Needham, Reader in Public Policy and Public Management, Health Services Management Centre

We need a vibrant high street if the economy is to continue growing

Dr Pamela Robinson, Department of Strategy and International Business, Birmingham Business School

Budgeting on the Margins? Skills, Business Rates and the Budget

Professor John R. Bryson, Professor of Enterprise and Competitiveness, City-Region Economic Development Institute, Birmingham Business School