Team based primary care

Healthcare workers all with their arms crossed

In primary care multi-disciplinary teams including both clinical and non-clinical staff play a key role in supporting healthy lives. Where successfully integrated they can increase access to primary care, improve the range and quality of services provided, and offer critical support for the elderly and vulnerable.

Aims of the research

This research aims to understand the parameters of the roles of a range of specialist and support staff including nurses, pharmacists, and receptionists. By utilising their knowledge, skill sets, and experience we will bring benefits to a range of patient groups. Our work includes improving end of life care, managing prescribing in long-term conditions, and support for effective service utilisation. 

Current research groups

Primary care nursing

The REACH research programme focuses on research in end of life, advanced illness, complex health, and social care. The programme stands as a pioneering research initiative housed within the School of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Birmingham. The aim of REACH is it will become a beacon for scholars dedicated to advancing the understanding and evidence-based delivery of end of life care, complex illnesses, and the intricate intersections of health and social dynamics.


Pharmacy in primary care

There is a wide range of primary care based pharmacy research. This includes Dr Vibhu Paudyal  and Mrs Parbir Jagpal  research on homelessness and health and also the management of minor ailments. There is also research into Pharmacist led interventions in community pharmacy and primary care, and increasing medication adherence to improve treatment and patient outcomes led by Dr Asma Yahyouche  and Dr Zahraa Jalal, and drug safety and medication errors led by Dr Anthony Cox

Finally there is continuing work exploring pharmacist-led services for prevention and management of long term conditions both in the community and in general practice led by Dr Zahraa Jalal and Dr Muhammad Hadi.

The role of receptionists and support staff

A range of non-clinical staff are essential members of the practice team including practice managers, receptionists, administrators and IT technicians. Their roles and responsibilities are evolving with the changing landscape of primary care and there is an increasing awareness of the pivotal function they perform in ensuring the quality and safety of Primary care.  Research in this area is led by Dr Ian Litchfield and Professor Sheila Greenfield.



Professor Sheila Greenfield

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Ian Litchfield

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