Making diversity everyone's business

Brexit, the financial crisis, the shifting political landscape, and disclosure in business and public services are highlighting the consequences and impact of a lack of diverse leadership to business success. With discussions continuing amongst the public and policy makers on leadership diversity and how to repair trust in business, the demand for more inclusive workplaces has never been so high.

About the research

A major report on leadership diversity in the West Midlands, led by Professor Kiran Trehan from the University of Birmingham Centre for Women’s Enterprise, Leadership, Economy and Diversity (WE LEAD) identifies recommendations to address the leadership diversity gap within businesses. As a result, diversity strategy, operations and workplace practices have improved at both a local and national scale.

Executive summary of the report

Companies in the top quartile for gender and ethnic diversity are more likely to have higher financial returns than the industry average.

  • In the UK only one in five small and medium-sized business are being run by women, creating a significant pool of untapped entrepreneurial potential.
  • Key recommendations to address the leadership diversity gap within businesses include:
  1. Embedding diversity in enterprise and economic development strategies
  2. Supporting and widening business networks
  3. Tackling barriers to leadership and mentoring
  4. Supporting the widening of access to markets

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