About the Birmingham Institute for Quantum Technologies

The new Birmingham Institute for Quantum Technologies, launched in Autumn 2023, will support academics to explore and facilitate opportunities in the fundamental science space, and drive the creation, use and manufacture of quantum sensing and timing devices, building on existing collaborations between Physics and Engineering through the creation of this inderdisciplinary Institute. 

This will include world-leading gravity gradiometry and optical clock developments; facilities including the National Buried Infrastructure Facility; Radar; Dark-fibre networks, and enhanced support for the development chain of early-stage technologies. 

"We have been leading the way in the National Quantum Technologies programme for the last decade. We are known across the world for our work on Quantum Sensing and Timing. [...] And today is an important day, as I am delighted to announce the creation of the Birmingham Institute for Quantum Technologies, which will allow us to broaden the engagement of researchers across the University and accelerate our ambition to make Quantum Technologies a reality for the benefit of society."

Lord Bilimoria UAM 23

Lord Bilimoria, October 2023, University Annual Meeting