International collaborations and engagement

We work extensively in Asia and Europe and have developed new relationships and research projects in South America and Africa.The projects below are a few of our highlights.


The Birmingham-Illinois Partnership for Discovery, Engagement and Education (BRIDGE) brings together two of the world’s leading centres for research into railways -BCRRE and RailTEC.


BCRRE is partners with SMRT to deliver a unique Postgraduate Certificate in Urban Railway Engineering (Singapore). The first cohort completed their studies in 2018.

Sub-Saharan Africa

We are working with the Department for International Development (DFID) to assess the current state of railway infrastructure in low-income countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. The main objective of the project is to assess the current state of railway infrastructure and concessionary and regulatory models in the various countries of the study and to provide recommendations on future investments in the region.


We have an academic partnerships with Beijing Jiaotong University and Southwest Jiaotong University.