TRAIN applications

The TRAIN (Transient Railway Aerodynamics INvestigation) Rig is a highly versatile moving model rig that can be used for a wide variety of aerodynamic investigations.  

TRAIN rig in operationThe rig has been used in the past for a range of different types of test:

  • Tunnel pressure transients for a variety of types of train
  • Aerodynamic design of train noses
  • Pressure pulses around trains in the open air
  • Ventilation flows in cross passages
  • Train slipstream behaviour
  • Determination of pressure loss coefficients and friction factors for trains

Some of this work is described in the following papers:

Current work on the rig includes:

  • AEROTRAIN WP3.4 – the measurement of crosswind forces on moving vehicles
  • AEROTRAIN WP4.2 - the measurement of tunnel entrance pressure gradients
  • RSSB Project T750 - Review of Euronorm design requirements for trackside and overhead structures subjected to transient aerodynamic loads; Phase 2 - GB design rules: experimental model testing

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