Centre for Rare Disease Studies partners

Based within the Institute of Translational Medicine, CRDS is working in partnership with the Centre for Rare Disease and the Children’s Rare Disease Centre, together with our partner hospitals and the University of Birmingham, to pioneer advances in rare disease research.



Birmingham Children’s Hospital’s specialist Centre for Rare Diseases – The Centre sees over 9,000 children who have a rare disease from across the UK. Because of the team’s experience and expertise in treating children, and BCH's status as a leading paediatric centre, the government also provides funding for 11 nationally commissioned services, which encompass the care of very rare diseases. This means the team can treat children and young people with these conditions from all over the country and have fully funded multidisciplinary care for these services.


University Hospitals Birmingham’s Centre for Rare Diseases (CfRD) – The focus is for highly organised one-stop clinics where patients (with their carers) undergo pre-planned diagnostic tests and see all relevant specialists and the multi-disciplinary team at one visit at UHBFT as the hub of their care.

Birmingham Health Partners

  • Birmingham Health Partners (BHP)  

    Birmingham Health Partners is a strategic alliance between the University of Birmingham and two NHS Foundation Trusts – Birmingham Women’s & Children’s, and University Hospitals Birmingham – where members collaborate to bring healthcare innovations through to clinical application. Read the Birmingham Health Partners 2017 partnership document

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