Plastic Pollution: Inspiration from the Next Generation

Plastic Pollution: Inspiration from the Next Generation

How do we deal with the growing problem of plastic pollution?

The world is reaching breaking point. Experts predict plastic pollution could reach 1.3 billion tonnes by 2040 – and it’s the next generation that will inherit this disaster.

But it’s not too late to make a change.

Plastic pollution poster competition: our winners

WINNER: Life on Land Award

Life on Land

Artist: Rokaia Elzokm, 11 years old

"This poster shows the problems in the earth and what we can do to fix them".

WINNER: Most Global Idea Award

Most Global Idea

Artist: Isha Matharu, 11 years old

"I love the environment and I believe that although kids are taught alot about plastic pollution, not enough people are helping to save our environment"

WINNER: Most Innovative Award

Most Innovative

Artist: Raja Hamza Khan, 12 years old

"I have used resources to identify plastic problems and solutions in the form of a poster"

WINNER: Save Our Oceans Award

Save our Oceans

Artist: Ria Upadhyay, 9 years old

"Ria has chosen to design her poster about the problem of plastic in the sea and included some of her own solutions to help solve it. Sea bed or plastic death bed?”

WINNER: Shoot for the Moon Award

Shoot for the Moon

Artist: Nelia Kenge, 10 years old

"Artificial Intelligence is used for many things. Why can't we use it for plastic pollution as well? Artificial Intelligence is known to be able to learn and recognise patterns. If scientists can create Artificial intelligence that can recognise the difference between animals and plastic, we might be able to stop permanent damage to our world".