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Professor Andy Mullineux

Emeritus Professor of Financial Economics


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Andy Mullineux is Professor of Financial Economics and was Head of the Department of Finance in Birmingham Business School from July 2015 to the end of 2017. He was at the University of Birmingham from 1980 to March 2013 (spending 1998/9 in Cardiff Business School, University of Cardiff). Andy joined the Business School at Bournemouth University as Deputy Dean of Research in April 2013, leading its REF submission. He re-joined Birmingham Business School in July 2015 as Head of the Department of Finance. Andy was a seminal Deputy Director of CHASM (Centre on Household Asset and Savings Management) through to April 2013 and served as the inaugural (interim) Director of the Centre for Responsible Business from its inception in January 2017 through to August 2017. Andy’s main research interests are: the regulation and governance of banks; responsible banking and finance; access to finance for households and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises; financial sector development; business cycles and financial crises; and the digitisation of money and banking.

Andy became Professor of Money, Banking and Finance in the Department of Economics in the School of Social Sciences in 1997, where he served as Director of the MSc and BSc Money, Banking and Finance programmes. Andy became Deputy Head of the School of Social Sciences (Resources) in 1996 and served as Head of School between 1997 and 2000. Andy joined the Business School as Professor of Global Finance and Director of the MBA Global Finance programme in May 2001, before serving as Director of the Finance Research Group and Finance Research Director in the Department of Accounting and Finance.

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Dr Nana Osei Bonsu

Research Fellow - Sustainability

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Nana has an interest in policy and governance dynamics of change in human and natural systems. He has a mixed academic and industrial background, with experience of engaging high-level and diverse stakeholder groups, including local politicians on sustainability related issues. His background experience includes Place Making and Sustainability related policies and projects tackling Air Quality and Climate Change related issues. His other professional experience include policy work on projects dealing with planning permission (in the UK) and Green Building Certifications/BREEAM requirements.

Nana also has an interest in applying Social and Future Sciences research methods, that are useful to influence policy and decision-making towards the promotion of  sustainable futures, which is understood as being economically efficient, socio-ecological secure, fair, and culturally representative of our world society. 

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Nana Osei Bonsu

Nicholas Bailey

Research Fellow



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Nicholas is researching Leadership in Responsible Business. The traditional view of leadership is that it resides in the individual, their qualities and their competencies. Other schools of thought believe that it exists in interactions and layers of discourse and behaviour amongst groups. Leadership development interventions and programmes have seen mixed results and many are now advocating a more holistic approach where leadership is shared and exists within culture, practice and environments. Focusing on the current challenges to leaders, such as those posed by the Coronavirus Pandemic, attest to a need to look beyond top down, heroic leadership, leader/follower dynamics to shared responsibility and individual empowerment through discursive engagement. This project has a qualitative line of research and aims to explore social construction and symbolic interaction. The research will focus on communication, discursive leadership, emotional labour and the moral imagination within corporate institutions.



Nur Gundogdu

Research Fellow


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Dr Nur Gundogdu is a Research Fellow in Responsible Business at University of Birmingham, Birmingham Business School. Previously, she was a Research Fellow at Aston University Birmingham and Brunel University London. Her main research interests are Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation for Sustainability; Sustainable, Responsible and Inclusive Business; Well-Being and Mental Health at work; Gender Equality. She has carried out academic and professional careers together and has research and consultancy experience at UKRI, British Council, and EU Horizon 2020 funded research projects. She has also contributed to the projects collaborated by academia, the government, industry and NGOs in a national and international context.


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Dominic Bates

Content Writer and Publication Manager


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Dominic has spent more than 20 years working with words as a professional journalist and editor. After starting out on a national newspaper, Dominic went on to write and edit publications, websites and strategic communications for two national charities, while also freelancing for the Guardian, FT and Independent.

Having written extensively about sustainability and the environment for a mass readership, Dominic hopes to bring the Centre’s ground-breaking research to the broadest possible audience with publications that will appeal to students, businesses and the public alike.


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Our Advisory Board

Highly respected thought leaders, practitioners and policy-makers in the responsible business space were invited to join us to play a pivotal role inguiding our exploration, adding value to our work and informing responsible business solutions with pragmatic perspectives and ethical values from across academia, business, policy field and the third sector. We have been successful in assembling a wonderful range of individuals to support the Centre’s development. The Board will aim to meet three times a year, acting as a critical friend in reviewing the merits of current activities, knowledge exchange on future innovations, challenging the Centre’s priorities and informing our future agenda.

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Our Associates

To meet our ambitious targets, we need to build a collaborative network of interdisciplinary academics to provide diverse, high-quality academic research experience across the responsible business spectrum. In order to do this, we have developed our Centre for Responsible Business Associates, who provide us with an academic foundation of the highest possible quality upon which we can build innovative and impactful future research collaborations.

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