Cognitive and Meta-cognitive responsible business behaviours

Grigorios (Greg) Lamprinakos is an Assistant Professor in Marketing at the University of Birmingham. His interdisciplinary research investigates the psychology of attitude and behaviour change that drive sustainable consumption and socially responsible behaviour.

Grigorios (Greg) Lamprinakos is an Assistant Professor in Marketing at the University of Birmingham. His interdisciplinary research is concerned with the relationship between strong emotions and thought process in consumers and how this affects their decision making, particularly how this affects choices for responsible and sustainable products and services.

Greg completed a BSc in Business Administration, followed by an MSc in International Marketing at Athens University of Economics and Business. Following this, he joined the University of Birmingham as a research fellow at the Center for Responsible Business and has held positions as a Lecturer in Marketing at both Oxford Brooks University and the University of Derby.

As an active researcher, Greg is driven to examine the moderating role of power within hierarchies, on cognition and decision-making, especially in the context of socially responsible and sustainable practices. He is currently exploring cognitive and meta-cognitive mechanisms that result in thought (in)validation, promoting sustainable choices and responsible behaviour both in consumers’ and organisational management contexts. 

Greg is an associate of the Centre for Responsible Business and a member of GAPI (International Group for Attitudes and Persuasion) at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and GAP (Group for Attitudes and Persuasion) at Ohio State University. His research has been published in four-star journals such as the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, and the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, as well as three-star journals including the Journal of Business Research, and the European Journal of Marketing, Information Technology and People, among others. He has been involved in the development and conduct of privately funded projects, ‎has presented his research at established ‎conferences such as EMAC, SPSP (Society of Personality and Social Psychology), ACR and AMA and serves as an ad-hoc reviewer for several academic journals.

Greg’s teaching interests lie around Marketing Research, Marketing Management, Consumer behaviour and his teaching portfolio spans all levels of HE from undergraduate to PhD levels. He has extensive experience in curriculum development and experience in both online and hybrid module delivery. He also supervises several Ph.D. and MBA students and has held various visiting posts in Europe, the UK, and the US. His teaching is motivated by a genuine passion to provide students with an interactive and real-life grounded view of theory, by stimulating critical thinking and challenging existing views. Greg employs a research-intensive approach, combining theory from cutting-edge academic research while illustrating their real-life view. Greg promotes close collaboration among culturally diverse students, striving for equity to aid students in embracing an inclusive and global way of thinking.



Dr Grigorios Lamprinakos


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